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DMC Amsterdam Dance Event Buzz Chart "30 Monster tracks from the biggest Dance Music Conference in Europe, set to smash 2014!"
DMC World Interview "The Legend returns, the rebirth of Flashback!"

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Featured Traxsource Tech House Chart
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No.3 Trackitdown Tech/Deep House Chart

Written and produced by Leiam Sullivan & Rob Roar with grammy award winning Keithen Carter on Vocals, the track was No.1 for pretty much every DJ and magazine on the planet in pretty much every genre. Flashback hit the dizzy heights at the top of Pete Tong’s Radio 1 ‘Ibiza Buzz Chart’ with much love from the likes of Erick Prydz "My top tune", Jason Bye, Steve Lawler, Deep Dish & Roger Sanchez "My record of the year".

Leiam Sullivan has been responsible for some great productions over the years, teaming up with the likes of Dave Lee (Joey Negro) and James Mowbray (Mixmag). Another of his pseudonyms was the much hailed Mr Pink where Leiam was responsible for many a cutting edge disco fuelled Anthem.

Rob Roar can be found Headlining the legendary We Love Space Sunset Terraza Arena, Ibiza, with a string of hot productions under his belt including 'Rockerfella' (No1 USA & Canada House Chart ) 'Chick’s On Acid' and the forthcoming 'Whats Happening?'.

This true story came about after the Live Ibiza performance of Their Ibiza No.1; The Soulshaker. The guys were having breakfast the next morning with Keithen telling Rob & Leiam about his wife (now ex!) who without telling him, used to put parties on in Chicago at his loft warehouse, whilst he was away touring with a theatre production company. Only for him to come home to find a queue of people outside waiting to get in. Keithen mentioned the DJ, some guy called Knuckles, to which Leaim & Rob’s jaws dropped…Turns out these were some of the first Chicago Warehouse parties, later shortened to ‘House’ as we know it. “We have to tell the world about this” was the reaction…the result is Flashback.

Please let us know your thoughts on the Soundcloud page.

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DMC World Buzz Chart
Music Week Cool Cuts Chart
DMC World ADE Buzz Chart 2013
"30 Monster tracks from the biggest Dance Music Conference in Europe, set to smash 2014!"

// Hector Romero - Def Mix
Original is still king!! On the remix tip Daley Padley does it for me :)

// Tony English - SuperMartXe/Gaydar Radio
Guys, if you haven't done so yet, then get your arses onto Beatport to support this rocking re-release!! The Original was massive for me at The Cross and is without question one of Space Ibiza's most iconic terrace anthems.... The new package is essential for the next 12 months.... don't say I never gave you the heads up!"

// Joyce Muniz
Nice one.

// Limbo Records - Michael Paterson
Nice to see this record again.

// MaDJam
Nice remix package/update! Diggind the D33P & Pirupa remixes, thanks

// Ibiza Resident - Danny O
Really good. Lots of strong remixes. Supporting.

// Pacha Majorca Resident - Des Mitchell
Stereojuice mix for me

// Luke Pompey (Glastonbury/Creamfields)
Big Fan of the original, think every man and his dog has it on Vinyl!

// Filthy Rich
Awesome Vanilla Ace and Pirupa remixes...all over this

// Agent Greg
I'll go for the Pirupa Remix, good to remember the original one too : )

// Ki Creighton
Daley's mix for me, also into Pirupa's

// Peter Gelderblom
Pirupa remix is the BOMBBBBB!!! Stereojuice will also get plays! Great package

// Jay Kay - Belfast
Wicked remixes !! feeling the Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh mix

// Redanka
Good mixes, particularly the Pirupa mix, but nowt beats the original! Probably my favourite Rob Roar production.

// Jerome Robbins - Stereo Productions
Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh for me.

// Freemasons - Russell Small
Loving the Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh mix

// Mannix - Double Jackpot
How f**kin BIG is that Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh remix? Wonderful! Full support!

// Parish Wintersmith - Defected/Om Records
Feelin' Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh's mix

// Sole Music - Geoff M
Superdope! love this.

// Stephan Grondin - Totonto
AMAZING!!!! full support on : Pirupa Mix, Daley Padley and D33P mixes!

// Hollis P Monroe
I'll be trying out quite a few of these... nice assortment of styles!

// DJ Escape - USA

// Warren Clarke
Lovin' the artwork!! Great package......VA&D and Pirupa remixes for me.

// David Tort
Really cool pack! support!

// Ray Roc - NYC

// Chris Wilson - Family Brisbane
Thankyou phonetic for a solid set of mixes of this club anthem giving it new life!!!!! Destined to be massive once more!

// Nick Chatelain (& Danny)
Great ep, full support!

// Ushuaia Ibiza - Severino Panzetta
GREAT release, Pirupa rmx and Stereojuice are my fav

// Mark Knight - Toolroom Records
Good work!! Feeling the Pirupa mix

// Alex Seda - Niki Beach Miami
All remixes are very very awesome.

// Alex Miles - Ibiza
I've played every mix of this over the years but 10 years on the original is still tearing the roof down!

// No.5 Chart Oliver Lang - Ibiza
Loving the pirupa mix

// Jon Constantine - StereoJuice93
Other than the StereoJuice mix which we obviously LOVE we are really feeling the D33P Remix too. Talented guy making some cool tunes.

// Jonathan Ulysses
I love this tune I remember when it was first released and I was the first DJ to play it in Space Ibiza.It took the roof of and I still remember that feeling of playing an exclusive track to a crazy crowd. They loved it then and I still love it now. Wicked!!

// Franco De Mulero
Massive support on the Pirupa remix.

// Ben Mono
Big release, will def play the Vanilla Ace remix. cheers!

// Amin Orf
Amazing Release. Specially Vanilla Ace & Daley's remixes.

// Samuel Dan
Really nice package, my picks here are original and pirupa and vanilla ace remixes, thanks!

// Daniel Dexter
Pirupa mix is dope!

// Traxsource - Chris Mackay
Wow, what a great package to an old classic, brings back tons of memories. liking the D33P remix a lot! Vanilla Ace serves up some action too!

// El Mundo (& Satori)
Exxelent!! :) Have the original on vinyl from a long time ago : ) So i'm really curious about the remixes. Thank you

// John Moss - Ibiza Resident
Great release!!!!!

// Funkagenda
Some cool remixes, thanks for sending

// Alex Nemec
Great rework from Pirupa, been a BIG fan of the original : )

// Hifi Sean
Great package of mixes but the Pirupa one is OUTSTANDING!

// Lucien Foort
Pirupa remix OMG!!!

//Da Sunlounge
Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh remix for me, will support

// ATFC (Defected)
This will be in this weeks show...

// Rob Marmot (Pete Tong Resident Ibiza)
Always loved the original, like the Daley Padley mix, but think the Vanilla Ace mix is for me, will be playing this out for sure.

// Sam Divine - Ushuaia Ibiza Resident
StereoJuice93 mix for me

// MC Flipside (Deadmau5)
If the original and Padley remix weren't enough...Pirupa comes in and hits us with an italian hammer of a mix... Juventus inspired and techy sex filled...the Vanilla Ace mix is also soul tastic...sickness

// Eden Ibiza Resident - Alex Ellenger
I can't decide which mix I like best, they all go down better than Ashley Young on a good day.

// Tommy Vee - Airplane Italy
Played the original a lot, the new mixes are very good and useful!


// Seamus Haji
Loved the original way back when & I like the Daley Padley mix to! Feeling the Vanilla Ace & Pirupa mixes here. On this weeks show in 'The BIG Mixt'

// Time FM - David Noakes
WOW what a great package and superbly strong house track. Radio support from this weekend, loving it!

// 10/10 Fire FM - Simon Sinfield
So, so good! Loving Daley's mix and really feeling the hypnotic Pirupa. Spoilt for choice here.

// BBCi - Richie Roberts
The world comes full circle...THE TRACK that personifies Ibiza gets more than just a remix, a full rebuild care of Daley Padley, Amazing then amazing now... Go Phonetic!

// RTE Pulse FM Dublin - Christian Homan
Perfect as always

// Ibiza Sonica radio - Igor Marijuan
Great stuff

// Represents FM - Martha Caidan
Love the Daley remix. true stormer!

// Energy FM - Tim Anderson
WOW! Great pack Right before the weekend! Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh is my favourite remix!

// Gaydio - Gary H
Impossible to choose between the remix package - all offer something different for every floor. Pirupa, Original and Vanilla Ace mixes do stand out!

// Image Radio - The Lunch Out with Max E Groove
Been waiting for these new mixes since Rob mentioned they were on the cards way back in December. And what a package, as well as the tried & tested mixes the new versions have bought the track in line with todays sounds. Thank you guys for remixing in my eyes one of the greatest house tracks of all time.

// Time FM - Andy Smith
Vanilla Ace & Darkfunkh remix is hot, also love the cool pirupa mix too and of course the Great original...still love it, big package.

// Ministry of Sound Radio - Ricky Simmonds
Loving the Vanilla Ace and Pirupa mixes!

// Kiss FM Australia - Timmy Byrne

// If you want Radio Show - DJ Danilo D'andrea
Original Mix is always Massive!!

// Streetboy - Glen Horsborough
Wicked track! Will be supporting! Fave cut is Vanilla Ace

// Reprezent FM - Lorelle Lambert
Loving "Flashback" Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh Remix

// Gaydio UK - Ant Nichols
REALLY NICE, Original & Pirupa mixes


// DJ Mag - Lewis Dene
Always one of my favourites... and now even better!

// Music Week - Chris Finan
Sound great - can't help still loving the original on this one of course

// Forward Disco - Chili Davis
Vanilla Ace remix is DOPE

// DMC - Greg Fenton
Good remix from Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh

// Mirror Balls - Clifford Brown
Ace stuff! Pirupa is a sure shot as always!

// Greg Zizique
Some great new updates. D33P rocks a steady groove, Pirupa slams the energy back in and daleys mix swings it for the long sets.

// Different Grooves
Release supported by

// Magnetic Mag - Yosh

// Muzikfabrik
Nice one!

// MyHouseYourHouse - Greg Watton
Love the Vanilla & Dharkfunkh remix followed by the Original Mix

// When We Dip
Very nice release, full support

//Knobs Magazine
Cool stuff!

// Sub Bass DJ
I'm so happy this track is back, grab your copy now, I highly recommend it:

// House Deelings Blog
Cool mixes, Daley padley & D33P are my favourites

// DMC World Magazine
"The Legnd returns! The rebirth of Flashback"

// Beats & Beyond
It’s already been garnering rave reviews from top DJs across the globe (including Pete Tong, who included it in his Ibiza Buzz Chart a while back), and we can see why: the original mix of ‘Flashback’ is an extremely catchy house banger fueled by a downright amazing groove that has everything it takes to completely destroy a club from the inside out. The vocals are dark and menacing while the main groove is hands down upbeat and ridiculously energetic. The Pirupa remix is a tad bit heavier (be sure ro check out that insane breakdown!), the StereoJuice 93′s a bit more funky, with bass stabs and a basic but powerful rhythm making up most of the rework, while Vanilla Ace & Dharkfunkh’s rework mixes the best of the two aforementioned mixes. The biggest groove on the EP comes courtesy of Daley Padley’s (aka Hot Since 82) who delivers a swampy basement banger with its percussion-riddled chassis, after which D33p closes things with a very warped and trippy remake. Monster stuff!

// IHouseU Review